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Alan Class Reprints - A Rough Guide


From the early 1960's until about the early 1990's, a British publisher called Alan Class published thousands of black and white reprint comics which featured material from Atlas, Marvel, ACG, Charlton, Archie and occasionally other American publishers, including a relatively high proportion of work by Kirby & Ditko. Although on low quality paper, they provide an opportunity to obtain stories that can be difficult and expensive to get as originals and often haven't been reprinted elsewhere. They are becoming more uncommon and although traditionally they have not been expensive, they are now attracting more collector interest. Prices in general are rising, especially for earlier pre-decimal issues which are scarcer.

Whenever we list a new selection of Alan Class stock, we are always being asked which issues reprint which material, since the covers don't really provide much indication, due to the policy of mixing material across issues and titles in a wonderfully random and esoteric manner. We reasoned that no one else was ever going to provide a directory to them and their contents, so we thought we'd do it.

Follow the link below to view details of all the issues we’ve ever had in stock. It is by no means a comprehensive list, and is very much a work in progress. Please note that it is also NOT a list of issues we currently have in stock, although we may have many of them. You need to check that with the Alan Class pages in our catalogue. As we get items into stock, we will add them to this guide, (but we won't delete them when they're sold, since the purpose of this guide is to provide information rather than be a stock list). On that note, we of course welcome additions and corrections if you have any knowledge of this material.

Details of Alan Class comics' content